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" Marches against Western Hemisphere free trade were staged in Canadian cities from sea to sea yesterday - paralleling the Peoples' Summit protests in Quebec city.

Canadian and U.S. police shut down the Peace Arch border crossing early yesterday when about 3,000 protesters streamed in to march across Highway 99, the main link between British Columbia and Washington. Though the Arch march was peaceful, RCMP Corporal Grant Learned said the crossing was to be closed indefinitely 'to facilitate the safe movement of the marchers.' The American side was also closed by the march, organized by B.C. and Washington county labour groups.  . . .

On the East Coast, about 1,000 protesters in downtown Halifax carried placards with slogans that included Hands Off Our Food Supply. Equally pacific were more than 50 protesters, many of them Acadia U students, strolling the streets of Wolfville, N.S.

A small crowd gathered at an Ontario park in Windsor - as Detroit protesters blocked the tunnel linking the cities for about 20 minutes in 'solidarity for brothers and sisters in Quebec.'

Nearly 500 demonstrators snarled traffic along Portage in downtown Winnipeg, waving banners. Many called out, `Fair Trade not Free Trade'.

In Edmonton, about 200 protesters patrolled a mesh fence, 'the most offensive symbol of the summit' to Doug Weir. 'There is no democracy behind the fence (in Quebec)."


~Toronto Star  - Apr. 22, 2001. 01:01 AM

from Fair traders protest from sea to sea


Video footage courtesy of Toronto Video Activist Collective
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