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" ... Naomi Klein's front-page column arouses profound concern (Even The Green Zone Wasn't A Safe Haven). Ms. Klein briefly recounts the brutal treatment of protester Jaggi Singh, who was pushed to the ground, kicked, and dragged away by three unidentified men at a time when he was urging fellow protesters to moderate their behavior. Dressed as activists, with their faces hidden, these three claimed to be police before pushing Mr. Singh into a van and driving him away.

On the basis of Ms. Klein's report, this appears as arbitrary and unconstitutional brutality. I hope that The Globe will follow this story to discover who these apparently lawless men are, why they treated Mr. Singh in this manner, and who gave them their orders.

In the interests of free dissent and the "Peaceable Kingdom," Canadians must know more about this troubling incident."


BRUCE LITTELJOHN, Bracebridge, Ont. - Monday, April 23, 2001

from The Globe and Mail, Where's Jaggi?




Video footage courtesy of Toronto Video Activist Collective
Photographs from

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